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Helsinki Hash House Harriers  –  Beer Drinkers with a Running Problem.

Helsinki Hash House Harriers meet every Monday, the run starting promptly at 5.30 PM.
The optimal duration of a run is one hour, as demanded by our Grand Master, however, the length of the trail can be anything between 4 and 10 km, plus a variable number of checks and back-checks.  Helsinki HHH has a large territory, from the wilds of Kirkkonummi’s forests and Espoo’s beautiful coast to the sophistication of Helsinki city centre and beyond, to the east and north.

The Hare marks the trail with flour or, during the winter, with beetroot juice. But there are also other options as required, shredded paper, coloured plastic strips, food colouring (not yellow), and once the trail was marked with wooden tulips. Most of the markings are similar to those used by other kennels, but we use them in our own way without any problems, all of the runners have found their way back sooner or later, with or without navigators. Walkers make their own way, we rarely set two trails at a time, and even then, both trails were meant for runners. However, walkers always make it home in time for the beer.

Helsinki HHH is a mixed kennel after a long and demanding infiltration procedure, but we are not a family hash. Families are invited to join our annual out-of-town hash and on other special occasions, if the mismanagement feels like organizing anything beyond the Monday run, which is organized by a Hare. Visitors of all sexes are always welcome.

The Hare is responsible for the beer and hash-food, thus, we collect a 10 € running fee at the Hash. And we have a mixed sauna after almost all runs.

The RA is responsible for ensuring good weather, and if he fails we run anyway. There is no low-temperature limit, nor a high-temperature one (which is rarely an issue in Finland), it is up to any individual harrier to decide what to wear. Visitors should note that during the winter a flash-light and a high-visibility jacket are recommended. (Don’t have any? Just let us know.)


Grand Master (himself) – elected for life in every AGM

Religious Adviser (Dicklomat) – responsible for keeping on good terms with the weather gods (even so, rain-gear may be needed at times)

Hash Sec (Softie) – desperate for hares; Once found, he posts them on Facebook and sends e‑mails to regulars

Joint-Master and Joint-Mistress (Lucky Boozer and Blackout) – there will always be a trail even if a Hare is missing

Hash-Cash (Empty Balls) – does not manage cash, but knows the balance of our bank account by heart (541 €, never more, never less)